Our Mission

By building positive and empowering relationships with our passionate creators, and sharing their products with a wider audience, everyone benefits – people, animals and our environment.

Who We Are challenges us to rethink our lifestyles so that we contribute purposely and positively to the environment – which in turn is better for people and animals.

Our unique online market offers the opportunity to live a more holistic lifestyle. If we are more conscious about the way we live, and therefore the way we buy, we are ensuring a better future for us all.

This is the premise on which the brand was created – and why we will strive to bring back many of our original Sri Lankan practices to provide sustainable products to a larger audience.

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Made in Sri Lanka, Shared with the World.

By fostering a supportive environment for our creators, businesses will grow and develop, and the Sri Lankan entrepreneurial spirit will flourish.

The products are designed with a passion to be appreciated and we hope the creativity and talent behind each piece will be recognised in their home and on the world stage.

Enabling quality Sri Lankan products to
be accessible to conscious consumers around the world.