‘Who We Are’ hosts their first pop up!

Just in time for the Christmas season, ‘Who We Are’ hosted their first few pop ups at Sayura House, Park Street Mews and their office premises down Jawatte road. The events were a success and safe to say, they won’t be their last!

Who We Are Promotes ‘A Conscious Christmas’ For The Season

Challenging us to rethink our gifting and spending habits during the festive season, ‘A Conscious Christmas’ promotes ethically made, sustainable gifting options and décor in support of local artisans and vendors.

Otara to launch ‘Who We Are’ to support rural homemade products

With the support of her local and international partners she will be coming forward to help rural manufactures of a wide range of products which are suitable to venture into wider local and international markets.

Otara Launches “Who We Are” Promoting Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

‘Who We Are’ promotes a conscious lifestyle, the Sri Lankan way! Not too much, not too little – just the right amount of local, eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical, stylish, healthy and happy!

VIDEO STORY: Otara launches ‘Who We Are’

Otara Gunewardene, one of Sri Lanka’s most recognised entrepreneurs, recently launched a new online platform “Who We Are”.

Otara Launches “Who We Are” Promoting Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Otara Gunewardene has launched the online platform, , that shares the products of local creators from around our beautiful island and promotes Sri Lankan ingenuity across the globe!


In her latest endeavor, ‘Who We Are’, she has taken another step forward to promote small businesses and entrepreneurs to sell their products on a curated online platform.

Otara Launches “WHO WE ARE”

Conscious consumerism is at the forefront of this venture, along with the pledge to support creators and their communities through fair and just pricing.

Otara Launches “Who We Are” promoting Sri Lankan entrepreneurs and small businesses

‘Who We Are’ challenges us all to rethink our lifestyles and consumer habits, and to develop a mind-set as a ‘conscious consumer’.