BREATHE EASY Stylish indoor potted plants, low-maintenance and ideal for the not-so-green thumb. SHOP NOW 01 / 04 UNIQUE SUSTAINABLE BAGS Hand crafted batik is a fast-growing trend; get these bags as an eco- friendly, useful accessory for your everyday errands. SHOP NOW 02 / 04 RAMBUTAN DROPS These dangling beauties are hand woven and great to step up a simple outfit into an elegant ensemble. SHOP NOW 03 / 04 NATURAL STORAGE Completely eco-friendly and intricately woven baskets, great to add storage space with a minimalist look! SHOP NOW 04 / 04

A conscious lifestyle the Sri Lankan way. Not too much, not too little… just the right amount of local, eco friendly, sustainable, ethical, stylish, healthy and happy!

Every purchase makes a difference, strengthening our communities and nurturing a more just future for all – the makers and their families, those who use the products, the animals and the environment.

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I see a future where we contribute in more sustainable and ethical ways to our communities, where people live meaningful lives and where we have a greater connection to nature.

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Conscious shopping that directly helps small businesses and helps communities grow in a truly sustainable manner. 

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